My name is Elizabeth Lord. I am an avid photographer with an eye for capturing the natural world and the people and animals that live within it.

I have been drawn to the camera as long as I can remember. Perhaps the most important chapter began when I decided to start riding again in my late 50’s.

In 2006, I was fortunate enough to find and purchase Poppy, a then 16-year-old broodmare. For each of us this was a life event. Poppy and I grew together as we learned the skills necessary for English pleasure, jumping and dressage. It is a relationship that has enriched and changed us both. At its heart, as I expect it is for many of you, it is all about love, leadership, clear communication—and treats.

Now closing in on 29 years old, Poppy is retired and living the good life at a farm in Kiowa.

After a year of being without a horse, I knew that was no way to live! On February 14th, 20017 I found Luna. She came home to the barn and began her new life with me. She is an appendix and so sweet.

These days, at aged 70, I spend my time at the barn, where stories abound. Everywhere I turn, I find wonderful images and connections to capture. Once I see my images, I want to share them. In turn, when people receive my photos of themselves and their horses, they love them!

Elizabeth Lord Photography and my plein air natural horse portraits are where my heart has led me all my life. I look forward to meeting you……..

Contact me at: info@elizabethlordphotography.com or by phone at: 303-322-6131