Capturing the heart of the connection with your horse . . .
. . . using natural light to create images you will treasure
Time passes so quickly - photos capture those moments

About me 2


My name is Elizabeth Lord. I am an avid photographer with an eye for capturing the natural world and the people and animals that live within it.

I have been drawn to the camera as long as I can remember. But there’s yet more to this story. Perhaps the most important chapter began when I decided to start riding again in my late 50’s.

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Each gallery highlights a subject dear to my heart. Whether it is the beauty of a horse, cat, dog, donkey, goat or a woman and her animal companion.

As a woman long in the tooth and therefore sensitive to our aging selves, I do my best to create images that capture a person’s essence while honoring where a woman is in her life. (Yes, that is me clowning with my donkey friend, Stiks!)

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Tell me what you’re envisioning, when you see your project unfolding and what end result you have in mind.

I will then follow up and arrange a time and place to meet and photograph you and your family—be they cats, dogs, friends, actual family members or of course your horse—or all of the above.

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